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koshari is currently writing and recording a brand new album; release date TBD - However, there will be an EP release this fall!  Sign up for emails to be the first to out the date, and of course check back right here for gig dates and release dates.  Come see us play, and you'll get to hear some of those new tracks!

Check out our most recent album 'The Deep Divide' on bandcamp - click the link above 

About koshari:

Washington, DC's koshari - built around the sparkling voice of Barb Western and the signature guitar of Bryan Baxter, blends the spacey, effects-drenched swirl of bands like My Bloody Valentine and Beach House, with a bit of aggression and heaviness.  The result is a creative voice at once familiar yet without close analog that has been described by Kim Kirkpatrick of online magazine C60 Crew as "packed with atmosphere, beauty, and substance" 

Of course, if you've been in the DC area for the past decade or so, listening to the right people, and hanging out in the right places, you've already had the chance to find out for yourself! 

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